A founding member of the United Council of Scots in Atlantic Canada


Federation for Scottish

Culture in Nova Scotia
We celebrate and perpetuate the cultural, linguistic, literary, athletic and artistic heritage and traditions of Nova Scotiaऩverse Scottish communities.

We are a coalition of individuals, families, associations and institutions that are passionate about preserving, protecting and promoting all forms of expression of Scottish cultural identity in Nova Scotia.

Caidreachas do Dhualchas

Albannach ann an Albainn Nuaidh
Bidh sinn a?cur air adhart dualchas coimhearsnachdan ioma-ghn詴heach na h-Albann Nuaidhe: c஡in, litreachas, l譣hleasachd, agus ealain.

Is sinne co-bhann de phearsachan, theaghlaichean, chomainn agus st驤heachain aig a bheil suim ann a?gl驤headh, a? d쯮adh agus ag ತachadh gach uile seⳡ de dhualchas Albannach.

Dedicated to serving the community...

The Federation for Scottish Culture (FSCNS) has been the voice for our province͊ Scottish-cultural communities, cultural associations and clans since 1982.  We endeavour to create an appreciation of Scottish culture and traditions, while celebrating Nova Scotia's Scottish heritage. To learn more about our activities and initiatives, check our our Events Calendar>>


A vibrant and living culture...

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The members of the Federation for Scottish Culture actively preserve and promote Scottish culture, traditions and heritage.  We recognize the contributions of generations of Scots to the fabric of our society.  We celebrate our heritage through fellowship and having fun.  Membership is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Scottish culture, as well as clan societies and Scottish-cultural organizations. Click here for an Application>>


Contact Us...
The Federation wants to hear from you! The FSCNS will increase its membership, advance youth initiatives, and seek out new opportunities to promote Scottish Culture, Language and Heritage in Nova Scotia. At the same time, we welcome additional volunteers to assist on one of our many committees. We have need of whatever talent you can offer.  Contact Us>>

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