Steps to Take Before Going for a Spray Tan

Achieving the best spray tan results isn’t just about choosing an appropriate tanner or applying it correctly. It’s also about preparing for the procedure and following the proper steps to avoid damaging your tan.

Applying a spray tan and not knowing what to do before and after your appointment is similar to attempting to cook dinner without knowing what ingredients you’ll need or the guests who will be attending as guests. It’s not guaranteed to ruin your experience, but the odds are high that something will go wrong. To avoid disaster, ensure you arrive at the location you have planned.

Preparatory Steps Before Tanning

Most spray tans are good or worse, depending on what you do with them before, during, and after the process. The key to an even golden tan is proper preparation for a spray tan. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to prepare for a spray tan.

1. Exfoliate Skin

Before you get a spray tan, cleanse your skin thoroughly. Spray tans only affect the upper stratum of dead cells so remember that. When you exfoliate your skin before a spray tan, the tan will be significantly thinner, and your streak of tan will be left on your skin for a more extended period. Exfoliating gloves or products free of oils should be used as oil-based products can cause barriers that block the spray tanning solution from reaching the skin.

To know more about spray tanning, you can check the homepage of the different reputable spray tanning companies. This can help you decide on what products or services to avail for your tanning session. 

2. Go Natural

Before you apply a spray tan, do not moisturize your skin. The sunscreens, lotions, cosmetics, and deodorants can create a barrier between your skin and the tanning agent. Skin tone discoloration and discoloration may result. Baby powder is a great deodorant option if you are concerned about sweaty pits. It’s water-resistant and straightforward to get rid of using a damp cloth.

You don’t have to be worried that your skin is too dry. Before you start your tanning session, the tanning technician may have a particular moisturizing lotion that won’t interfere with absorption. Specific spray tan treatments have moisturizing components, so you don’t need to use any.

3. Wax or Shave

Before getting a spray tan, ensure you’ve removed unwanted hair by either waxing or shaving or doing both. You should wax for at least 24 hours before your appointment so that your pores can shrink naturally. The spray tan accumulates and leaves behind brown blotches if your pores are primarily open. Shaving for at least four hours before applying the spray tan is possible. Because shaving leaves the base of the hair behind, the hair follicles are less exposed.

4. Wear Loose Clothes

Spray tanners are advised to wear loose clothes before the treatment, which is the most important rule to follow for preparation. Even if you have to utilize a towel or fan to eliminate any remaining Spray tanning cream, your sun’s tan must develop before it can look beautiful. Wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and shoes can prevent your spray tan’s premature fade. This is why it’s important to know the things to do before a spray tanning session followed by the aftercare tips for a long-lasting tan glow. 

5. Talk to Spray Tan Specialist

A conversation before spraying with your professional spray tanning expert could be beneficial. Would you like to try it on your face? Do you have a shade that would look best on your skin? Do you suffer from any skin allergies or sensitivities need to be aware of? Here are some issues you should talk to an expert on.