Why Keeping Your Natural Teeth Make Your Life Easier

Natural teeth are almost synonymous with a healthy way of life and remarkable general hygiene. It means you are not in pain. You can choose what you eat and your activities, demonstrating how well you manage your teeth. Dentists prefer you keep your natural teeth.

What Natural Teeth Can Do

People are fortunate that the science of dentistry is so advanced. It allows an individual to be proactive in keeping their oral health. The chances of keeping natural teeth are much better. Here’s what natural teeth can do:

  1. Natural teeth can help you eat normally. Tooth loss implies restriction from a lot of food you enjoy or food that can keep you healthy.
  2. Having natural teeth can preserve your face and bone structure. Sagging face muscles will not worry you as long as support from your bones exists. If the teeth are complete, the roots remain in place. This helps the integrity of the jaw bone. The act of chewing stimulates the regeneration of bone cells in the jaw, which is not easily replicable.
  3. Natural teeth boost your self-esteem even if you do not think about it. Talking normally, not stressing about dentures, or even knowing that your breath smells alright does a lot for you mentally. Well-maintained natural teeth keep you presentable and carefree.

Caring for Natural Teeth

There are methods we can use to care for teeth and gums. Good everyday habits and keeping dental appointments are essential. However, there are other things one can consider to promote oral health.

Daily Care

You are in charge of your mouth daily. Brush a minimum of two times daily, floss, and gargle with mouthwash to get debris and germs out. Making these into a habit can avoid issues that might be expensive to solve.

Dental Appointments

Your dentist needs to keep tabs on your oral health. Regular checkups two times a year need to be on your schedule. If you want to know what dentists do, check it out here:

  • Clean your teeth and catch any indications of tooth decay
  • Inspect gums for tartar accumulation that can cause diseases
  • X-ray your mouth to see what’s happening underneath
  • Scan for signs of oral cancer

Dentist’s Recommendations

Sometimes, the dentist will suggest treatments or procedures if they see the need for them. These recommendations seem most likely to help you look good rather than protect you. However, every dental work, both cosmetic and restorative, has an end goal– to give you complete function.

Braces or Aligners

With severely misaligned teeth, there might be spots that a toothbrush can not reach, which may make flossing complicated. In that case, tooth decay may be inevitable. One reliable orthodontist in Brooklyn recommends braces in situations like these. Braces won’t only give you a perfect smile, but they will also protect you from cavities, gum recession, and more.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you can get x-rays regularly, your dentist may predict wisdom teeth oral surgery. Impacted wisdom teeth cause pain when it presses other teeth. If the tooth erupts, you will be ready for extraction.


There are cases where tooth loss is unpreventable. The dentist might advise reconstruction using implants. They might be expensive, but these are the best replacements to imitate natural teeth. Implants prevent teeth from moving and keep your jaw bone healthy.