Scottish Culture in Nova Scotia

Scots Nova Scotia

We celebrate and perpetuate the cultural, sociological, literary, athletic and artistic legacy and traditions of Nova Scotia’s diverse Scottish communities.

We’re a coalition of individuals, families, institutions and associations who are passionate about preserving, protecting and promoting all forms of expression of cultural identity in Nova Scotia.

SCOTSNS has become the voice for our state’s Scottish-cultural communities, cultural institutions and clans since 1982. We endeavour to create an appreciation of culture and customs, while observing Nova Scotia’s Scottish heritage.

SCOTSNS actively preserve and promote Scottish culture, traditions and heritage. We recognize the contributions of generations of Scots into the fabric of our society. We celebrate our heritage through fellowship and having fun. Membership is available to anyone who wishes to find out more about Scottish culture, in addition to clan societies and Scottish-cultural organizations.

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Nova Scotia


Pretty and peaceful, Nova Scotia is Canada’s second smallest state, a peninsula on the eastern border of the Canadian mainland. However, its lengthy coastline is dotted with fishing harbors, sandy beaches, and plump islands.

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Prince Edward Island

A Micmac First Nations legend tells how the god Glooscap painted each the world’s beautiful places and then dipped his brush in each color and created Abegweit, his favorite island.

New Brunswick

 With wonders which have the world’s highest tides, some of the greatest whale-watching everywhere, as well as the warmest saltwater swimming north of Virginia, New Brunswick may surprise tourists.